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Are You Positioned to Compete and Win with Service?

This is an assessment tool to be used as an indicator of your readiness to compete and win with service. Each question carries a score which is weighted based on its relative importance to the competitive advantage it creates. After taking the assessment, you will receive your assessment score as well as a description of what your score means.

Corporate Customer Service Assessment

Does your organization have a written customer service philosophy that is integrated into your organizational language and used as a benchmark to make decisions?

Do you measure customer service?

Does your company have clearly communicated expectations of service performance or service standards in place?

Is the ability to provide customer service considered as a part of the hiring decision for job candidates?

Does your company conduct customer service training at least every two years?

Are your employees empowered to make decisions regarding customer issues and concerns?

Has your organization evaluated company processes, procedures and policies to determine ease of doing business from the customer’s perspective?

Do you track customer loyalty?

Is customer service used as a part of your employee performance appraisal?

Do you have a written customer complaint handling procedure in place?

Your email address is needed before scoring the survey.

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