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Joan Fox has a fun, enlightening, and practical approach to Customer Service, Leadership, and Teambuilding. Joan carefully customizes her keynote to your specific audience with appropriate industry background, examples and terminology. The following are some of Joan’s most requested keynotes.

Are You Creating or Killing Customer Loyalty?

In the light of business dynamics, Joan Fox presents what it really takes to succeed with customers. Everyone talks about customer satisfaction. However, the reality is that customer satisfaction is not a good goal. Loyalty is what you want. Loyalty drives profit, growth and brand reputation.
In this presentation, you will learn the five most common “killers” of customer loyalty and more importantly discover the top five organizational behaviors that create the loyalty phenomenon.
Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. This presentation delivers great value.

Forget Customer Satisfaction!
The Five Things You Must Do to Keep Your Customers

Customer satisfaction will not grow your business. It will merely allow you to stay in business. After decades of books, seminars, strategic objectives, best practices and declarations of a new “focus on the customer” from CEO’s across the globe, the customer experience in general still stinks. How can this be? And why have businesses failed to consistently secure the loyalty of their customers?

In this hard hitting and stimulating session, Joan Fox will not only challenge your thinking; she will help you identify the critical components of a reliable system to plug the significant profit leak cause by average service.

Outwit, Outlast, Outserve: Ultimate SERvival Strategies Or
Compete & Win with Customer Loyalty

The votes have been tallied and the results are in. There may be exceptions, but in general, service still stinks. With profound impact on productivity, competitiveness, profitability and ultimately a company’s survival, service definitely matters. Why then haven’t organizations found the cure? The answers may surprise you. This keynote outlines a service strategy that you can use today to create customer loyalty.

Patient Satisfaction: Who Cares?

Does customer service really matter in the medical industry? The answer is a resounding, “yes.” The changing landscape of medical care and the increased pressure on profitability demands a rethinking of some historically held beliefs around customer service. In this interactive keynote, you will learn the differences between serving your patients and making your patients “feel served.”

You Make the Difference!

There is a large difference between “getting served” and “feeling served.” This keynote highlights the role of the individual choice in customer service. You will learn about the three “difference makers” and the profound impact that the service provider makes in the perception of service. This experience is designed to be both educational and motivational.

Being Legendary Everyday

Legends are stories told over and over. This keynote will inspire you to create customer experiences so compelling that great stories are told about your company and loyalty is assured. It is tough to be legendary everyday but the great ones know how to. Learn how to think beyond customer satisfaction and make the leap to greatness.

Everyday Leadership

Leadership is a choice. It is not elected or bestowed, it is lived. This session challenges attendees with the five requirements for Everyday Leadership. In the light of both cultural and business dynamics in the meetings industry, Joan Fox presents what it really takes to be a leader. The last decade has inspired us with examples of insightful leadership, as well as disappointed us with leadership failure. We look too often to others in our own environment or to traditional resources for answers. We would be better served to look elsewhere.

You will be provoked to examine your personal leadership goals, incited to make some critical choices, and inspired by how simple (not easy) it is to live a life of leadership everyday.

Leaders must first lead themselves.

Teaming for Success

Did you ever stop to think about the teams behind the most successful products or services? What binds them together and makes them effective? The plethora’s of successful teams that saturate today’s organizations prove that building teams is anything but a waste of time. The challenge is to continue to build better teams. In this session, the elements that hold high performing teams together are examined, along with the counter-intuitive components that sometimes result in team failure. You will be compelled to make changes to build a better team.