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Forget Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is no longer a good benchmark. Loyalty is what you want. If you want to grow, it is imperative to think beyond satisfaction—to building customer loyalty.

Listen Up!

Listening to your customers is a critical first step in making them “feel served.” Without knowing what your customers think and feel, we are operating from assumptions.

Hire Right

TAKE YOUR TIME and hire right! This is the most critical step in the service system. A great system supported by an indifferent team produces nasty results.

Internally Focused versus Externally Focused Organizations

Internally focused organizations are analogous to an egotist—everything is about them. The true spirit of service does not live in these organizations.

Service Standards

Does your company have clearly communicated expectations of service performance—or service standards in place? Service standards, simply put, are assigned levels of service performance for a specific function.

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