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Consulting Focus

Creating a Culture of Customer Service

There is a profound difference between the organization that proclaims service is important and the organization that allocates the resources needed to actually make the customer feel important. In order to be competitive and dramatically improve service, every interface with the customer needs to be examined. Corporate and employee habits must change sometimes causing employee resistance. However, for the company committed to the customer, this is merely an adjustment period and the results far outweigh a temporary period of awkwardness. A successful customer service improvement initiative will integrate into the company culture and become the new way of life.
When you hire Joan Fox to improve your customer service, the comprehensive process includes:

  • Assessment
  • Service standards development and installation
  • Validation of standards with the customer base
  • Customer service training
  • Management coaching/training
  • Train the trainer
  • On-going assessment induction
  • Integration of initiative into existing culture
  • Accountability measures
  • Best Practices

Leadership Development/Executive Coaching

Executive coaching services begin with an evaluation. The Everything DiSC 363 instrument, the DiSC Management Assessment or the Work of Leaders assessment is used to understand the needs of the manager and develop goals. A coaching program is created to support the manager in making changes. Change occurs over time. The program duration depends on the goals created.

Build a High Performance Team

Using Patrick Lencioni’s concepts, Joan Fox will work with your team to make it stronger, more productive, more accountable, more committed and more trusting.
This is a highly rewarding exercise process for intact teams.