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The Chronicles of SirVival: Workshop

Customer Service Under Siege

The Sir Vival Workshop in a Box

sirVival in a boxThe Sir Vival Workshop in a Box is an unrivaled customer service training experience. Based on the critically acclaimed book, “The Chronicles of Sir Vival: Customer Service Under Siege” by Joan Fox, it gets to the heart of what really matters to customers.

Regular Price: $799
Limited Time Offer: $499 + $45 shipping & handling
(UPS Ground, Continental US)

The Sir Vival Workshop in a Box is:

  • Easy to Present—a team leader or another designated individual can deliver the training successfully
  • Cost Effective—the per person training cost is minimal
  • Applicable—the concepts can easily be applied to your customer service challenges
  • Experiential—interaction and discussion makes the training stick

A Few (of many) Things You Will Learn:

  • Why customer satisfaction is essential but not enough
  • How to effectively deal with upset customers
  • The three essential steps on the path to an extraordinary customer service culture
  • The solution to keeping existing customers
  • How to recharge your internal customer service

The Result:

A renewed customer service focus profoundly changing the experience of your external and internal customers

The Sir Vival Workshop in a Box Contains:

  • 10 Hardcover Books The Chronicles of Sir Vival: Customer Service Under Siege
  • 10 Sir Vival Experience Participant Guides
  • 10 (4 by 5 inch) Sir Vival Shield Reminders
  • Facilitator Kit
  • Set of Participant Materials (Hardcover Book, Participant Guide, Shield Reminder)
  • One Sir Vival Experience Facilitator Guide
  • One CD PowerPoint Presentation
  • One 18 by 24 Full Color Wall Poster of Sir Vival with Shield

Additional participant materials (a hardcover copy of The Chronicles of Sir Vival: Customer Service Under Siege, a participant guide and Sir Vival Shield Reminder) can be purchased for $40 each plus $2 shipping for each set.