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Real Customer Experience Changes are Not Easy

A new year is here and many of us are six days into executing the personal changes we’ve decided will make our lives better. There is a definite excitement about getting a fresh start, having a new day, beginning again–or whatever words you want to use to describe that feeling of renewal.

And for companies, something similar is happening. Often the strategic objectives hammered out in the fourth quarter become initiatives for the new year–typically at least one of these is about making the customer experience better. Slogans are produced and hung from every available surface. Meetings are held to keep the initiative alive. A customer appreciate day is scheduled. Managers talk about the customer experience a lot–for a year. These changes are all easy. After the initiative is over, everything goes back to the way it was before and employees say things like “Are we still doing that customer service stuff?”

The key to improving the customer experience is to take it out of the pile of  strategic objectives and do the hard work of making it your culture.  It requires beginning with a true belief that the customer experience matters. If the customer experience matters then changing the culture, although a challenging endeavor, is deemed worth it. Real change, sustainable change occurs over time. Typically, it’s not easy.


Taxi Driver or Ambassador? That is the question.

The taxi driver, who took my husband and me from Logan airport to downtown Boston last weekend, did not once interrupt his loud cell phone conversation. And he took us to the wrong hotel. He was highly surprised by the amount of his tip. What comes to mind is this. Awareness is critical to service success. This man thought his role was transportation. He was unaware that being an ambassador and providing a good customer experience was his real job. I will tip well for that.