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5 Signs Your Service Stinks

1. Customer Complaints—even just a few

Statistics tell us that four out of one hundred dissatisfied customers actually complain to the company about a poor service experience. So just because you’re not receiving many complaints, it is NOT an indication that you have good service. Also, those 4 complaints could be presented to the front line or another primary interface. Do you think it’s getting back to you?

2. Loss of Long-Term Customers

When long-term customers leave, you most likely have a real problem. Once a relationship has been developed between a company and a customer, the likelihood of retaining that customer increases. When customers who would normally give you the benefit of the doubt, take their business elsewhere, it’s probably about your service.

3. Few Repeat Clients/No Referrals

One and out is not a good business strategy. Loyal clients are your promotional base and your largest profit potential. When customers routinely go elsewhere after their first experience with you, look for service failures and irritations.

4. Complaining Employees, Poor Employee Morale

If your employees are dissatisfied, your customers will be too. Poor employee morale is not a result of poor customer service. However, if morale is suffering, you can rest assured that your customers are suffering too.

5. Poor Employee Retention

Where there is a revolving door of employees, there is no chance to build a customer relationship. Knowledge about an individual customer account has just walked out the door.

And a Bonus:

Employees Not Empowered to Handle Problems

Everyday customer concerns should be handled by the person serving the customer. The customer doesn’t want to wait to get issues resolved.